Monday, June 18, 2018

Judge Jeanine Speaks With Counselor To The President Kellyanne Conway

 Deep State is so very real.  

"We would know none of this if Hillary Clinton had been elected and not Donald Trump."

I did not vote for Trump, but right now, I'm very glad he's president. I think it is very true that God uses us imperfect humans to get His work done on earth. It's all He's got, afterall!

What Is Intersectionality?

   In the end, intersectionality is meant to leave us all feeling alone, frustrated, unheard, victimized, separated from everyone, unloved, and hateful toward all those around us. What is most sad - is that there are so many people - especially young people - who fully trust it. It is meant to ruin the future of humanity. Don't believe it. Don't trust it. And fight against it with the truth.

We are children of God - and whether one believes in God or not, one can always feel, trust and believe that we are on humanity. Brothers and Sisters on this earth, who need to work TOGETHER. Stand TOGETHER. WITH our differences. Not stand separate because of our differences.

We are each other's keepers. Let's start acting like it.

Thursday, February 8, 2018


A friend on Facebook stated:

"I just saw this movie last night and it is amazing! Everyone should go see it. This film will challenge and inspire your faith in an entirely new way. Richard Wurmbrand's story needs to be told to comprehend what liberty has cost and what it is worth. I can guarantee you will never look at your own faith, God-given liberty, courage or the command to love your enemies in the same way again. Go see this movie on March 5th!!"

So... Let's us all go see it. We need this today in our republic as a reminder to stop sliding down the same slide and stand up for what is right at all cost. 

Read further about it HERE


Oh oh oh! Can anyone say they're surprised?

The House Intelligence Committee memo on alleged FISA abuses by federal authorities reveals, above all, how politicized the DOJ and FBI were under Obama.

Read about it HERE.

And you can read the actual memo HERE.

Friday, January 26, 2018


I'm so tired of corruption at high levels of government. 

I did not vote for Donald Trump. I honestly did not know whether he was "in bed" with the Clinton, the global elite, the Obamas, the Bushes, or any others who are working, whether covertly or not, to bring America down by making morality and religion irrelevant, by breaking the foundation of the world's society, the family, and by striking at the very center of the reason for our Earth experience, personal agency, through their stealth "executive orders" and lawmaking. I did, though, always hold to the opinion that Trump has always and continues to love America. Of that I was sure. I've watched him over our live spans thus far and I am convinced of that. While his morality leaves a lot to be desired, and while he suffers from "open mouth insert foot-itis", I've always known he loves America. But that did not weigh enough in the presence of my doubts about whom he might be beholden to.

I can say today, just one year after Trump became president, that I am shocked and surprised at the many (mostly) good things he's accomplished as President. I can also say that it seems more and more that he is beholden only to himself. That could be a good or bad thing, depending on what the issue at hand it. But I digress.  I do believe today that he is truly trying to restore America to what she has always stood for - hence "Making America Great Again". In essence, bringing back, and honoring, freedom of religion (yay!), restoring our capitalist economy (yay!), removing so much of the "red tape" in business and politics which only served heretofore as chains and shackels for companies and people who owned small businesses (yay!), protecting our nation (his #1 job) by limiting refugees or immigration from 6 nations who are today proven to be terrorist grounds (yay!) and by building a wall on our southern border to help keep out the terrorists, drug cartels, and others who use that border to come across, whether they be Mexican or other nationality posing as Mexican (yay!), by being willing to work with DACA if that wall is built (yay!) and try to reform our immigration laws so that it's easer for people to come to America who wish to come here for a better life and so they are able to do it legally, saving themselves the heartache and problems that always accompany coming here illegally (yay!). There are many other items he's accomplished or is in the process of accomplishing that the Founders would agree with, therefore I agree with as well.

The person I voted for in the last election was Darrell Castle, the Constitution Party candidate. I must admit, though, right now that I wonder if Mr. Castle would have had the chutzpah, like Trump's, to jump in and just take the bull by the horn and make things happen, all while keeping an amazingly positive attitude, as President Trump has done. I feel Mr. Castle is a bit more mild mannered. Certainly he doesn't suffer tom "open-mouth-inster-foot-itis". Still, the Founders agree with Mr. Castle's positions, and therefore so do I. Here is part of a broadcast he did today, regarding "Making America Pretty Good Again":

“A review of a classified document outlining what is described as extensive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuse was made available to all House members Thursday (1-18) and the revelations could lead to the removal of senior officials in the FBI and Department of Justice, several sources with knowledge of the document stated. These sources say the report is “explosive” stating they would not be surprised if it leads to the end of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel Investigation into President Trump and his associates.”
The memo was pieced together from a report given to the House Intelligence Committee by the DOJ-OIG. It focuses on the weaponization of various government intelligence by various people including Loretta Lynch at DOJ, James Comey at FBI, John Brennan at CIA, and James Clapper as Director of National Intelligence to sabotage Donald Trump’s Candidacy and delegitimize his election.  This is alleged to have happened in collusion with the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton. What really adds a note of credence to these rumors, and that’s what this is at this moment for most of us because the memo is classified, is the total silence by Democrats who have seen it and predictions of high level prison sentences by Republicans who have read it.

"Congress voted to have the House Intelligence Committee share the memo with all members of Congress but the vote was along strict party lines. The fact that the Mainstream Media has said nothing and is apparently not even curious about the memo is another reason I believe there is some truth to it. A lot of people are interested, however, because for a few hours #releasethememo was the most read tweet in the world but within a couple of hours twitter had deleted it.
Sending the guilty to jail is more than just a cliché like we’re going to drain the swamp; it is the necessary remedy to restore some confidence in the system. In that vein several republicans have called for the immediate release of the memo and Wiki leaks has reportedly offered 1 million dollars to anyone who will leak it to them. The Republicans called the memo “shocking, troubling, and alarming” concerning what it reveals about surveillance abuses under President Obama.  One Congressman likened the details of the memo to “KGB activity in Russia.....the FBI which apparently knew from the start that the whole Russia investigation was bogus......1. at the time Loretta Lynch said she would abide by the FBI’s conclusions on Hillary Clinton, she already knew that James Comey was going to recommend exoneration of Mrs. Clinton.  2. The memo exonerating Mrs. Clinton was prepared by the FBI two months before the FBI interviewed her. 3. The missing five months of text messages between two self admitting Trump hating FBI agents which have now been recovered......the day after the election of Donald Trump a “secret society” of officials within the FBI met to plot against the President elect.....So the number one way to make America pretty good again is reestablish the rule of law and the first method for doing that is to investigate and where evidence warrants it, prosecute the guilty.”

You may read the entire podcast/article HERE.
I likey. Something that I'm pleased with more and more, is that all the accusations Trump has endured since before he was elected, have ALL proven to be untrue. Everything Trump has stated has proven to be ALL true as well. "By their fruits ye shall know them". President Trump is not perfect by far. Neither should he be. None of us ever will be in this life. But President Trump is as transparent as they come. He says it like it is. He says what he means, and he means what he says. I acknowledge there are times he's said something, then, after learning more about the subject, he learned he was wrong, and changed his position - and mostly that has been a good thing - and he was still transparent in notifying the American people of his change of thoughts on the matter. I absolutely love the way he shares his transparency and news via Twitter, too. We need that badly, considering the fake-news media shares lies the majority of the time and are clearly pro-Obama and pro-Clinton (both of whom are still very much engaged in D.C. and politics and trying to steer things from behind the curtain). 

Yes, I think President Trump is turning out much better than I had first imagined. I had zero confidence in him during elections. I just wasn't sure what he'd do once in office. If he was a moral man who practiced his faith better, I think he'd be a wonderful choice for President. God honors those who honor Him. God blesses those who do their part. Unfortunately, I do believe that many blessings we need we will not receive, because of this lack of morality (can't escape the consequences) in Trump, but also, and perhaps more so, because of this lack of morality in We The People! 

When we turn our backs on God, He is not able to bless us. For it is an eternal principle and true fact that "...when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated." (D&C 130:21

Well, that's my 9 cents for today. ;)