Thursday, August 2, 2012


Did you see this video of University of Arizona adjunct "professor" BULLYING the girl at the drive-thru window of Chick-Fil-A in Tucson, Arizona on August 1, 2012??  It made me so sad and embarrassed for her. It made me so ashamed of him and angry at him. But I have to say to the girl: YOU GO GIRL!  You showed more class in one strand of your hair than Adam showed in his entire being!  I'm sorry you had to deal with that, but I hope and trust that the thousands of people that came through the rest of the day, MADE YOUR DAY HAPPY!  Not all humans are as ignorant as Adam!

Here's the deal:

CFA is a PRIVATE Company in the United States of America.
CFA can do as it pleases, so long as it's lawful.
CFA is the most friendly, Christ-like restaurant EVER!
The President of CFA rightly believes that our nation is shaking its fist at God by trying so hard to accept homosexual marriage as "good".  And he stated his belief on radio. He's FREE to do that without receiving any backlash.
The President of CFA does not impose his private beliefs upon the customers or employees of CFA at all.


The Occuppy Poopers (literally), otherwise known as progressives, get all "offended".  And we all know what progressives do when they are "offended"! OWS gave us a good look.

I know that many of them stand up for LGBT also to make themselves feel better, and as proof they can show the world "Look how politically correct I am!  Look how much I love LGBT people!  Look how I stand up for all the feel-good ignorant ideas that all of you come up with! See?  I'm your frieeeend!"
  Creepy!  Anyway - these progressives tried boycotting CFA and, as their DNA seems to dictate, they are seriously wishing DEATH upon all who eat at CFA, calling them names, cursing at them, and bullying them.

This guy, Adam Smith, is rude and condescending and filled with enmity.  He has no idea what he is incurring upon himself, nor helping to incur upon our nation by doing what he did today.

This is not about gays.  This is about many folks, including major cities!, that want to shut down CFA completely because its president doesn't belief the same way they do. Does that even make any sense in an adult world?  Oh wait.... I forgot... there are very few real adults left in this world.  Most are children in adult bodies, and their behavior and lack of self-control shows it all too often.

So, according to these progressives, if you are a moral, upstanding Christian with integrity, you need to keep all your thoughts and opinions to yourself and you are not free to express them outside the walls of your own home.  THEY can say whatever they want (and they do!), and they can curse at your, defecate on you, kill you, rape you, insult you, and hate you... but YOU cannot do anything, unless you denounce your God, your values, your belief system, your being, and chant right along with them all the "feel good" brainwashing words.

Tell me, progressives, how's all that "SOCIAL JUSTICE" and "INCLUSIVENESS", and "ACCEPTANCE", and "EQUALITY", and COEXISTANCE" and 'TOLERANCE" working for ya???  Eh???  Because I can't see you LIVING it whatsoever, and your ACTIONS are screaming loud in my ear, telling me that you believe in the exact OPPOSITE of each of those!  What hypocrites!

This is what this particular hypocrite looks like:
And in case those two links don't work, you can go HERE and read a great article about it and see the duplicate video.

I understand this man is upset.  He has that right.  But this was NOT the way to vent that. Nothing will come of it. If he wants to have an impact, he needs to call or write the president of CFA, or his elected officials, or join the LGBT agenda lobbyists, or something more creative like that, where his 'voice' might have more an impact. But THIS?  This was crap and it served absolutely no other purpose than to stroke his narcissistic pride.  There, feel better now, Adam? Good!

I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY that today millions of good folks across the nation, conservative, libertarian, and even progressives and democrats helped to support our FREEDOM OF RELIGION and FREEDOM OF SPEECH in this nation by showing their appreciation for CFA's president to maintain his God-given RIGHT to belief as he chooses, and to say what he believes when asked. AMEN!