Tuesday, July 30, 2013



Read up and find out, because it IS taking over YOUR city.  It has been implemented in many cities for decades.

Beware.  The "New World Order" is not a joke.

Please educate yourself as much as you can. Only if we know what we are fighting against, can we properly fight it and win.

May Providence help us. We will need His help.

"Regional Governance is the method whereby would-be world rulers intend to control every aspect of our lives. Without the full implementation of Regional Governance, their plan for world dominance cannot succeed.
     The following quotes should dispel any doubts about the veracity of the previous statement. From the book published in October of 1995 – in celebration of the UN’s 50th Anniversary – titled Our Global Neighborhood - The United Nations Report of the Commission on Global Governance : [emphasis added]
"REGIONALISM - The UN must prepare for a time when regionalism becomes more ascendant world-wide, and even help the process along. It is committed to doing so; the Secretary-General has called repeatedly for a strengthening of regionalism in global governance, in development no less than in peace and security." "The development of global governance is part of the evolution of human efforts to organize life on the planet, . . . we are convinced that it is time for the world to move on from the designs evolved over the centuries and given new form in the establishment of the United Nations nearly fifty years ago."
Could they have stated their aims more clearly than that?"



Deputy President William Ruto, Kenya:  The nation of Kenya is a God-fearing nation that will continue to reject homosexuality as wrong."


So says God.

Now, many African nations have surpassed America in morality.  Isn't that the epitome of irony?!

Catholic Cardinal, John Njue, Nairobi:  Those people (Americans) who have already ruined their society…let them not become our teachers to tell us where to go.

Uganda's Parliament is considering a bill to tighten that country's laws against homosexual behavior.  The greatest opposition has come from those outside the country.

Okumu Yudah Tadeo, from Restore Uganda, said the proposed legislation has experienced the greatest fight from mostly international governments (what business is it of theirs, I ask?) that have allowed their own morals to decay and eventually erode away in disguise of "human rights."  Uganda's cultural and religious values have thus far served to keep the country from slipping, and it is in Uganda's best interest to keep up the good morals and Godly values in this generation and the generations to come.

The U.S. is no longer the leader of the world. It no longer deserves that spot. We have become what the Lord calls "ripe in iniquity".   Go read the scriptures to find out what happens to those who are "ripe in iniquity".  Homosexual actions are an abomination, just as committing adultery and fornication are an abomination.  That does make one "homophobic" to believe in that truth. It makes them God-fearing, and honest.  We can and should love each other. That does not mean that we should accept each other's wrong choices as being good. There is a great cultural indoctrination going on currently trying to convince you that loving your neighbor is equal, and even defined by how well you accept all their wrong an unrighteous choices.  That is a falsehood. If we love someone, we will help them stand by truth, and we will not stand by unrighteousness next to them if that is where they choose to stand.


Here is the great article I was inspired by to write this post:

Controversial, Retired Anglican Archbishop of South Africa

Mr. Tutu, then you do not know God in the least!

Who are we to tell God what to think or command?  He created US, not the other way around.  Remember that part, Mr Tutu?  And if you want to know what God really believes about homosexuality, the begin by reading the scriptures and by checking out THIS Site.

Thank you.

Monday, July 15, 2013

AGENDA 21 - Why You Must Fight It With All You've Got


Please read the article  below then do more research on Agenda 21 beginning with this website:


We must help spread the education of the evil of Agenda 21. It's a Trojan Horse. Your standard of living will be reduced to that of 3rd wold nations if you do not stand up against this and help educate others about it.

From the article:

"By working on the ground level, Transition Towns can over take states and nations quicker than funneling through the bureaucracy of national governments.

"This is why the UN Agenda 21 is so insidious. It attacks at the local level, getting the citizens of these towns and cities to fight for its implementation; all the while hiding its true nature.

"The future of our world under Agenda 21 means buffer zones, areas designated inhabitable for humans in the name of biodiversity and the securitization of all resources need for base human survival. And the UN will be at the helm.

This is the dream of the global Elite."