Monday, March 18, 2013


I posted this on my Facebook, then realized I should have posted it on here first. So here it is.

You must live it to know it. I've live in and traveled to third/second world countries where they only *think* they know what true liberty and freedom is. They have no idea what it is. The U.S.A is the ONLY nation in the history of the world to ever had have true liberty and freedom. But we've not had it fully since the mid 1800's. Our grandparents, parents, and we have grown up THINKING we live in a free nation, but we have not. We live with the illusion of freedom. We think and feel that as long as we have malls, restaurants, schools, doctors, and theaters to choose from, as long as we have choices in cars to buy, etc., that we are "free". That is inaccurate. Our liberties and freedom have been slowly stripped from us - chiseled away little by little - and if we don't all stand up TOGETHER and fight for them, we WILL lose them altogether.

Those of us who are sounding this 'cry' are not unlike Noah who sounded the cry thousands of years ago, and the world population just laughed and called them paranoid and conspiracy theorists. Do not make the same mistake they made please. Because if you do, you will wake up one day in shackles and chains and wonder how in the world you got there, and regret not having headed our warning and doing something about it while you still had the time.

How have we lost our freedoms/How do we not recognize it, you ask? Here is an example:

- You need a "license" to practice medicine, or drive, or do a number of other things. You think that's normal. You think it's logical. Only because that's the world you grew up in. But when you understand the big picture, including the past, you come to realize that it's not normal, it's an unnecessary restriction, and only a way of keeping track of you, and a way of "punishing" you should the state every want to. It is also a way of molding minds - the more we need "licenses" to do things, the less people trust anyone *without* a license, and the more conforming our world becomes into something "they" want it to become. Don't believe me? How accepting are you of taking you child to see a doctor that is not 'licensed' and that practices natural health before 'modern' medicine? 99% of people would not do it. And yet that doctor has a greater chance of knowing the true ailment and its correct course of treatment than any 'modern' doctor, and that treatments would not hurt/kill any 'good' inside your body, like 'modern' medicines to.

There are many other examples; things that we are so accustomed to that we no longer think of them as strange or intruding into our personal, God-given liberties. In fact, most of us think of these intrusions as "necessary" and "good for the whole of society". When in reality they are not. We have simply acclimated. Our society as a whole needs to be revamped and relearn what true liberty and freedom is, and how to attain it. I'm afraid that at this point, only blood will bring it back. And we cannot listen to other nations as they try to tell us what to do. They've never had true liberty or freedom. They only want us to suffer as they have, and be "as free as they are". They know not of what they speak. Our Founding Fathers were the standard of liberty and we must study them and their wisdom in full if we wish to learn what true liberty and freedom is. Let us wake up and strike out from our kings, tyrants, and dictators, regardless of how well they may be dressed in sheep's clothing (ie: Bush, Clinton, Obama, and all others). Let us wake up to the awfulness of our situation and learn what we can do about it. Beginning with returning fully to God, and going from there.