Monday, July 15, 2013

AGENDA 21 - Why You Must Fight It With All You've Got


Please read the article  below then do more research on Agenda 21 beginning with this website:

We must help spread the education of the evil of Agenda 21. It's a Trojan Horse. Your standard of living will be reduced to that of 3rd wold nations if you do not stand up against this and help educate others about it.

From the article:

"By working on the ground level, Transition Towns can over take states and nations quicker than funneling through the bureaucracy of national governments.

"This is why the UN Agenda 21 is so insidious. It attacks at the local level, getting the citizens of these towns and cities to fight for its implementation; all the while hiding its true nature.

"The future of our world under Agenda 21 means buffer zones, areas designated inhabitable for humans in the name of biodiversity and the securitization of all resources need for base human survival. And the UN will be at the helm.

This is the dream of the global Elite."