Tuesday, September 3, 2013



"The prediction of extreme population growth in the next centuries is not only a myth, but a dangerous one."

Such is the intro to an article I just read, and it's an article YOU should just read.

I'd like to trumpet it out for the Universe to comprehend how we are being lied to and manipulated.

I remember 40+ years ago (and no doubt it was going on waaay before that) how "we" (ie: the nations in the world that were not starving to death) were sending MoNeY over to nations like Africa, "because people have no food over there and they're dying, and we're trying to help them."

Fast forward 40+ years to today and guess what?  We are still "trying to help them."

So I have recently (in the past 10 years or so) begun to ask myself, "Why haven't they been helped yet?  Why are they still starving?  Why are they still dying?  Add up BILLION$ of money that the US and half of Europe, and several other nations have sent YEARLY to Africa, and multiply that by 40+ years, and you get....... no real change we can believe in?  

That is not good enough.  In fact, it's not good at all.  In fact again, it's smelling pretty fishy to me.

Along with many other "Fishy smelling" things I've questioned over the past 10+ years, I took this newer question and began doing more research on it. I tried to educate myself, both temporally and spiritually, regarding the matter. What I came up with is that God is in charge, He has given us live and provided an earth whereon we can dwell, and He as much told all humanity that so long as we try to keep His commandments and follow Him, that He will bless and multiply us and everything in this world for our benefit. Nothing will be found lacking. I also found that many of our "temporal" (ie: of the world) "scientific" and "global elite" community are LYING TO US.

So here are some article that I suggest you read as well, just to get you started on what is really taking place.  This should irk you to the point of wanting to get up and get more involved.  And please don't use the old "I'm not interested in politics" justification any more. YOU MUST NOW GET INTERESTED.  Or you will be part of what destroys this world. 

An excerpt from the article I just read today titled "Dan Brown's Inferno And The Dangerous Myth of Overpopulation":
"Looking for the facts, I found that the UN report on most likely population projections based on individual country census data predicts a worldwide population of only nine billion by the year 2100. We can easily feed seven billion now and surely can also feed nine billion. So the prediction of an unsustainable population used to justify extreme population control measures is false based on current population trends. This greatly surprised me. But why would a great researcher and writer like Dan Brown make such a terrible mistake as he prides himself in trying to make his thrillers to be factual in their historical and scientific claims?"

Read the rest HERE.

And, for your debunking enjoyment here are a couple of place you can begin reading some real truth, not the fake truth that the New World Order people want you to believe.

1.) Taking On The Overpopulation Myth, The Washington Times
2.) Episode 5: 7 Billion People: Will Everyone Please Relax?, OverpopulationIsAMyth.com

Let's remember, please:

We are being lied to by the people who really, truly desire to "run the world".  Their plan has been in existence for over 100 years, if not longer, and they never have intended on taking over all at one time. They have always known, and planned on, that it would take at least 100-200 years to take over the world.  They are insane and corrupt as the day is long. But they also unimaginably wealthy and have unimaginable amounts of "strings" they can pull throughout the world. So it IS possible that if we good people just sit back and do nothing, that they can, and will, eventually, "take over the world."

Not a Bueno idea.

So read up, and the buck up and start getting involved - your choice:  Local, State, or National.  But DO something to help keep our nation free.  And NO, we cannot spend one second on getting involved with other nations right now. We must keep our from sinking to the depths of the "Oblivion Ocean".

Oh! And one more thing - Even if you don't read up and do your research like I've asked, please at least watch the video I will posting in the following post titled " 'DEMOGRAPHIC WINTER - THE DECLINE OF THE HUMAN FAMILY', A MUST SEE! ".  It will explain exactly what you need to be aware of.