Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Our world is coming to this in every single nation. It is only a matter of time. The U.S. is already headed there. And this can be found taking place in several countries as I type. Here is the English translation to the You Tube video.

What guts! A true modern-day hero!  And his wife too, to stand by him, knowing that she and their children's lives are also in danger.  I sure hope we Americans are preparing ourselves for this kind of sacrifice, for it is only a matter of time.

English Translation:

If you are watching this video, it’s because the state of Venezuela has issued an order to capture me and I am being held already by national security, precisely for dreaming of a better Venezuela.  If you are watching this video, it is because yet another abuse has been committed by the government, full of lies, falsehoods, twisting actions, and find how to manipulate the reality that the Venezuelan citizenry is living.

I wish to say to all Venezuelans that I not repentant as to what we have done so far, which over a long period of time has become “the call” which materialized on February 12th, the Day of the Youth, with hundreds of thousands of people in the streets of Venezuela. Not just in Caracas, as was the usual case in the past, but throughout Venezuela. In the capitals, in the towns and the small villages, there were 10, 50, 1,000, 10,000, or 70,000 people. But the citizenry showed up! The citizenry woke up!

More than ever before, Venezuela needs that you, the viewer, and each of us assume the commitment to bring change. However, that commitment cannot be passive. This commitment must be active. I invite you, sister, and you brother, to the most important thing at this difficult moment of our nation, when Venezuelans are forced into long lines, when Venezuelans are forced into the expropriation of their wages by the hand of government, when impunity is the order of the day, when insecurities fill our youth, when there is no future for the young,  when hospitals are closing, when there is no answer to any problem.

I invite you, each one of you, to understand that change lies within you. First, our conscience, that we shall not allow ourselves to oblige, and to not allow ourselves to be filled with the lies that the government transmits across the media which it controls and manipulates via the the grapevine, filling the reality in which we live with lies.

I invite you to convert yourself into a medium of communication. I invite you, brother and sister, to convert yourself into a point of organization, a reference point for your community and your family, so that we can organize what is ours to organize from this moment forward. It is our turn to organize a movement, profoundly social that shall reach every corner of the nation, to all the wards, all the villages, all the towns, and all the cities.  Where there are men and women who are committed to a better Venezuela. That we may have the capacity to organize ourselves. That we may have the capacity to spread our message. And to act when we need to act.  Just as we did on February 12th, I aspire to non-violence. For many reasons. First off, because violence is the tool for those who do not subscribe to reason. On February 12th we observed how it was manipulated in order to kill innocent Venezuelans, and in order to create a whole scene of persecution that would end in this - my incarceration or an order to capture me. We know what happened.  The videos, the photos, and the testimonies are out there. We know this government. We know of its long trajectory of violence. But we also know our people.  We also know the occasion for change that our people have. We also know of the long fight we’ve had that has brought us to where we are today. We will probably not have access to spread these messages via the normal media. But I ask you to spread it in whatever way you can, that the message be understood that yes, we can have a better Venezuela.

Let us know allow that they defeat us right where we need to have the most strength, which is in our hearts, in our convictions. Let us not permit that they destroy our hope. Let us not permit that they break our determination to change our nation.

i want to send a very special message to the youth, the Venezuelan youth.  Your future is within you, which today is marked by blackness, which today is marked by hopelessness, but which can be so much better for you, for those who beside you and for your children. But it all depends on you. It depends on your fight. It depends on your vocation. It depends on your reverence. It depends on the determination you have that justice be met, so that this hopelessness turns into a collective hope.

We are on the right side of History. We are on the side of justice.  We are on the side of truth.

I give thanks to all who have supported us. I ask that that hope which has been given, which given to me, will now be transferred to supporting our cause. And our cause has been, continues to be, and now more than ever must continue to be the removal of this current government, which has kidnapped from the public all power, which has robbed from Venezuelans our international reserves, the public money, which has stolen all rights and securities from all Venezuelans, who lie in order to stay in power, who pretend to make themselves owners of the nation while stepping upon and humiliating the Venezuelan citizenry.

Today, more than ever, the exit of this disaster, the which we have been force ably submitted to, the exit of this group of people that have stolen the future of the Venezuelan people, is what lies in your hands. Let us fight. I will be doing so.

I send you greetings from my heart, with strength, with faith, by the side of my wife, knowing that my daughter, Manuela, that my son, Leopoldo, who carries the name of my grandfather, of my father, whom were also chased and persecuted, and looking into my children’s eyes I have found the greatest strength for this fight.  In my children’s innocence, who today do not really comprehend what is taking place in our nation, I have found the strength of knowing that I must fight for a Venezuela that will be much better for them and for all children when they are grown, as compared to the one that exists today.  As the poet Andres Eloy said: “He who is father of a child, is father of all.” He who wants a better future for his children, wants a better future for all children. For ALL children.

I invite you to fight. To not rest. To maintain strength. To maintain reverence. To maintain action. To maintain organization, discipline, and conviction. Sisters, brothers, we are millions! We are on the right side, and we are going to win. We are going to achieve change. It rests upon all of us! It depends on you, it depends on your brothers and sisters.  It depends on Venezuela.

Sending you a strong hug, goodnight.

Leopoldo López
Opposition Leader to the Chavista Venezuelan Government